Equipment infoback



Here you find a summary of my equipment:
  • 6 Takahashi FS-152 refractor
  • 14 Celestron C14
  • Losmandy HGM-200 mount
  • 5 Binoptic FH 120 f/5
  • Miyauchi 20x100 binocular
  • SBIG ST10 E CCD-camera

During the great years of observing I accumulated different kinds of telescopes and binoculars. A reason for that is the different range of applications from CCD imaging to visual observing and of course the different kinds of sky objects.

From downtown hanover, germany my 6 Takahashi FS-152 refractor is the best choice for observing moon and planets. Together with the Denkmeier II Bino it seems to bee an unbeatable team in binocular observing. Magnifications up to 400x in good condition are possible.

When the seeing is really good my Celestron C14 with about 36 cm aperture and 3,9 meter focal length beats the 6 refractor in resolution. Otherwise the C14 finds its practice in deep-sky observing. Even though deep-sky observing is not really possible due to the bad sky conditions in downtown hanover.

That was the reason to get a little telescope additionally which is easier to handle, for example in vacations under better sky conditions. For my opinion the best choice is the Miyauchi 20x100 on a light photo-tripod. I can easily carry the Miyauchi as hand luggage and pack the Manfrotto tripod in the plane.
My enthusiasm for the Miyauchi is founded in binocular observing, the very good resolution and contrast and the big aperture. Both apertures with 100mm are comparable with a 6 refractor in collecting light. Under best sky conditions I have already seen the most beautiful objects like galaxy M81/82, North America nebula and global and open cluster. The Miyauchi made it possible.

Impressed from binocular observing with the wide field of view from the Miyauchi I decided to buy another binocular in 2004: the 5 Binoptic FH 120 f/5. Equipped with Televue Nagler oculars you feel like space walking with the sharpest views from edge to edge. The advantage to the Miyauchi is also the possibility to use every other ocular. Reasonable magnifications from 20 to 120x are possible. For the first time I have discovered the beauty of cluster with these binoculars with short focal length. Objects like open cluster h+chi, views from the summer Milky way and even parts from constellation of Cygnus, dark clouds or nebula like the North America Nebula are fantastic objects for these binoculars.