back NGC 4565

Object: NGC 4565 - Spiral Galaxy
Imager: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Huwe
Date & Location: 4. april 2002, downtown Hannover, Germany
Optics / Telescope: Celestron C11 SCT, SBIG ST10E
Focal length f/ratio: 2800 mm @ f10 (no guiding)
Exposure: 38 min total, LRGB
L = 18 (9x2) min, binning 2x2
R = 6 (3x2) min, binning 3x3
G = 6 (3x2) min, binning 3x3
B = 8 (4x2) min, binning 3x3
Software: Processed with CCDSoft, MaxIm DL, Photoshop
Comments: First Light with my C11 and 4th object at all
This photo is taken without an extra focuser. I had really problems to get in focus due to image shifting of the SC.
Conditions: Seeing pretty poor, fst 4.5 mag.
Object Info: The considerably bright, very large edge-on spiral NGC 4565 is often used in textbooks, as it is assumed that its view may resemble that of our own Milky Way, seen from outside from a place situated near its galactic equatorial plane. NGC 4565 is about 31 million light years distant and has 90.000 light years diameter and it's visual brightness is 9.6 (mag).