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Object: M 57 - Planetary Nebula
Imager: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Huwe
Date & Location: 28. march 2002, downtown Hannover, Germany
Optics / Telescope: Celestron C5 SCT, SBIG ST10E
Focal length f/ratio: 800 mm @ f6.3 (no guiding)
Exposure: 8,5 min total, LRGB
L (=L+R), L = 2 (2x1) min, binning 2x2
R = 2 (2x1) min, binning 2x2
G = 2 (2x1) min, binning 2x2
B = 2,5 (1+1,5) min, binning 2x2
Software: Processed with CCDSoft, MaxIm DL, Photoshop
Comments: First Light with my C5 (my first object at all)
Conditions: Seeing pretty poor, fst 3.0 mag.
Object Info: The famous ring nebula M57 is often regarded as the prototype of a planetary nebula, and a showpiece in the northern hemisphere summer sky. Recent research has confirmed that it is, most probably, actually a ring (torus) of bright light-emitting material surrounding its central star, and not a spherical (or ellipsoidal) shell. M57 is about 2300 light years distant (diameter of 2.4 lightyears) and itīs visual brightness is 8.8 (mag).