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Object: M 51 - Whirlpool Galaxy
Imager: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Huwe
Date & Location: 2. April 2002, downtown Hannover, Germany
Optics / Telescope: Celestron C5 SCT, SBIG ST10E
Focal length f/ratio: 1270 mm @ f10 (no guiding)
Exposure: 12,4 min total, LRGB
L = 450 (10x45) sec, binning 2x2
R = 90 (2x45) sec, binning 3x3
G = 90 (2x45) sec, binning 3x3
B = 144 (2x72) sec, binning 3x3
Software: Processed with CCDSoft, MaxIm DL, Photoshop
Comments: My third object at all. No guiding.
Conditions: Seeing pretty poor, fst 3.0 mag.
Object Info: The Galaxie is about 37 million light years away and is approximately 100.000 light years across. Visual brightness is 8.4 (mag).