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Object: M 16/IC 4703 - Open Cluster with Eagle Nebula
Imager: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Huwe
Date & Location: 7. april 2003, NMSkies
Optics / Telescope: Celestron C14 SCT, SBIG ST1001E
Focal length f/ratio: 3910 mm @ f10 (no guiding)
Exposure: 55 min total, LRGB
L = 15 (3x5) min, binning 2x2
R = 20 (4x5) min, binning 2x2
G = 10 (2x5) min, binning 2x2
B = 10 (2x5) min, binning 2x2
Software: Camera control and image reduction with CCDSoft, RGB Combine in MaxIm DL, processed with Photoshop
Comments: Image Preview - Image prozessing not finished.
Conditions: Extrem windy (8-25 mph).
Object Info: Lying 7.000 light years distant in the next inner spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy from us a great cloud of interstellar gas and dust has entered a vivid process of star formation. This stellar swarm is only about 5.5 million years old (according to the Sky Catalog 2000) with star formation still active in the Eagle Nebula; this results in the presence of very hot young stars. The size is about linear size of about 70x55 light years. Visual Brightness is 6.4 mag.