My Work back

After 6 years of visual observation I finally managed to buy a CCD camera in march 2002, which I had planned to do for years.

The visual limitations of my 7" Maksutov Cassegrain led to the conclusion, that I would either have to build a 12.5 m telescope or buy a CCD camera to see comparably better results. For reasons of space and cost I opted for the CCD camera.

Visuel impression with 7" aperture from M57 CCD-Photo in comparison with 5" aperture

This decision was helped by my removal to a different flat. Now a sun roof provides me with better conditions for observation and the possibility of stationary installation of my mount.

I observe from the center of Hanover in Germany. A brightly lit radio tower and the neon signs of the city are the constant nightly companions that give me a hard time when processing the photographs.

As an electrical and informatics engineer I have always been enthusiastic about all things technical.

Astrophotography fascinates me because it combines technical and physical challenges. Furthermore it requires a lot of precision and gives you the great reward of seeing raw photographs turn into photorealistic pictures.

Raw-Picture from the galaxie NGC 4565 Completed result after image editing

As the owner of a multimedia agency I want to use the opportunity to make my results available via the internet and thus share the fascination of astrophotography with others.